Few Words From The Principal

Orchid Science College set up in the Bharatpur City with the purpose of providing sound knowledge to the students has been the pride of the nation since its' establishment. The most distinctive and remarkable feature of this college I feel that it provides a consistent guidance, proper care and coordination together with the fruitful knowledge required to develop the innate potential of each student.
The overall result that we have got till today proves that the college has reached its' peak and has continuously enhanced the image in academic arena. The obligation for the students to go to the capital city for further education after schooling has been completely erased by the establishment of this college. However, being a college of national standard, located outside the valley in a small city, it has to face different administrative and technical crises which I think, the college has so far handled and overcome tactfully.


Why Orchid

  • Monitored by a group of highly qualified and competent university teachers.
  • Stable academic excellence blended with discipline.
  • Limited number of students in each class.
  • Library armed with sufficient textbooks and reference books.
  • Regular and frequent evaluation system.
  • Artistically located at the core of the municipality.
  • Use of multimedia in teaching.
  • Access to Internet.
  • Uninterrupted power supply.
  • Transportation Facility.
  • Hostel Facility.
  • Day Boarders Facility.
  • Additional coaching classes for needy students.

Orchid In Results

Science Stream Management Stream
Year Class Position Year Class Position
2061 XI 1st 2057 XI
2062 XI 1st 2058 XI
2062 XII 1st 2058 XII 1st
2063 XI 2nd 2058 XII 2nd
2063 XII 1st 2059 XII 1st
2064 XI 2nd 2059 XII 2nd
2064 XII 1st 2067 XI
2065 XI 1st 2068 XI
2066 XII 1st 2068 XII
2067 XI 2nd 2069  XI  
2068 XII 1st 2069    
2069 XI      
2069 XII